COB LED Downlight
COB LED Spotlight
Cob Ceiling light
led floodlight
LED  Panel
    |   LED Panel Round
    |   LED Panel Square
LED Spotlight
    |   MR16 LED Spotlight
    |   Gu10 Led Spotlight
    |   E27 Led Spotlight
    |   Par30/Par38 Spotlight
    |   Ar111 Led Spotlight
LED Downlight
    |   New LED Downlight
    |   LED Downlight High Power
    |   LED Downlight SMD5730
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Retail shoppers respond to lighting with superior color rendering [2011-09-26]
UL announces LED lighting safety requirements for Canada - first edition of ULC/ORD-C420-11 [2011-09-26]
Long life and energy efficiency push LEDs to take 40% of the global lamp market in 2013 according to IMS Research [2011-09-26]
Europe says goodbye to 60W incandescent lamps [2011-09-26]
Consumer Reports shines a light on the best CFL and LED bulbs [2011-09-26]

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